How to Bet

How to Place Bets

Click on the amount you wish to bet displayed on the “chip markers” located on the bottom of the screen. Blackjack Casinos allows you the flexibility to play either 2 or 3 separate hands at the same time, or play the dealer one-on-one. There are three “Betting Circles” in which you can place your bets. Place your bet(s) in circle(s) you would like to play hands with. You can keep clicking in the betting circle until you reach your desired betting amount.

How to Play

Press the ‘deal’ button once you are ready to play. Cards will automatically appear on the screen. The cards on the top portion of the screen are the dealer’s. The cards on the lower portion of the screen closest to the betting circle(s) belong to the player(s).

Now that you have cards, you have the choice of either ‘hitting’ or ‘standing’. The ‘hit’ button is used to draw another card. The ‘stand’ button is if you do not require another card.

When it applies, you will also have the opportunity to take out insurance against the dealer’s ace, split cards of the same rank, and to “double” down on your original bet. The insurance screen will pop-up whenever the dealer has an ace.

The insurance screen will allow you to take insurance on all player hands. The cost of insurance is half your original bet. Insurance pays 2-1 and pays out only when the dealer gets blackjack.

The ‘double’ button is used to double your original bet. You will be dealt only one additional card for your hand once you take this option. The dealer will then draw the necessary cards to complete the dealer’s hand. You can only double when the value of the first 2 cards is 9, 10 or 11.

The ‘split’ option can be chosen when your first 2 cards are of the same rank. Your original single hand will be split into two, each with a stake equal to your original bet. You will be dealt a second card for your first hand. You will then be able to hit, stand and take insurance (where applicable) for your first hand. Once you have chosen to stand, a second card will be dealt to your second hand and you will then be given the relevant choices for that hand.

Once you have chosen to stand (or you bust) on your second hand, the dealer will then draw the necessary cards to complete the game. Once the dealer’s hand is complete (or bust), payouts or deductions will be made to your balance according to the game’s outcome.


Winning hands pay 1:1 Insurance pays 2:1 Black Jack pays 3:2