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BlackJack Tips

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Black Jack

• First, place your bet by clicking on the 1, 5 or 10 buttons. The amount will be displayed in the section labeled "BET."

• To decrease your bet, click on the -1, -5 or -10 buttons. The value in "BET" will change.

• Click on " DEAL" to display the cards (2 cards for each the player and the dealer.)

• This will activate the "Surrender", "Hit", "Stand" and "Double" buttons. The "Split" button will become active only when the player is dealt a pair of cards with the same value. For example (3,3) or (Q,K).

• An Aces` split will display a card for each ace and it will not allow anything else.

• A black jack after a split is uncommon and pays 1 to 1.

• If the player has a natural black jack, it automatically stands and pays 3 to 2.

• The dealer must draw to 16 and stand on 17.

• Insurance pays 2 to 1.

• If the dealers' visible card has a value of 10 and the hidden card is an ace, the dealer will win or tie (depending on the player's hand).


Video Poker


• In Video poker the player can bet from 1 to 5 different coin denominations.

• The player selects the amount of coins by clicking (once or several times) on the "bet 1" or "bet 5" (maximum) buttons.

• Once the bet is set, click on the "deal" button. This will display 5 cards.

• If the player wants to keep a card, he/she must click on it to hold.

• Then click again on "deal" to display the new cards.

• If the last five cards are a winning combination, they will be marked in yellow in the pay out table, showing also the amount.



• To begin the game, click on "player", "banker", or "tie", depending on whom you want to bet.

• Next, click on the "Deal" button to display the cards.

• The banker and the player will have two cards displayed.

• The sum of the cards will appear on the screen.

• For example, if the two cards are an 8 and a 5 then the total is 13 and the score will be 3.

• The score is handled in rank from 0 to 9 and it is impossible to exceed that score.

• A third card can be displayed to the player or to the banker depending on the following rules:

• If the player or the banker has a score of 8 or 9, both will automatically stand.

• If the player has a score of 5 or less, a third card will be displayed.

• If the player stands, the banker will automatically receive another card if he has a score of 5 or less.

• If the player received a third card, the following chart will determine if the banker receives another card.

• (Hits (h) or stands (s))




• To begin the game, insert the tokens by clicking on the " bet one " and "bet max" buttons.

• To spin the wheels click on the machine's handle or on the "spin" button.

• When the wheels stop, the three numbers, letters, or images, are randomly chosen by the machine.

• If it is a winning combination, the amount won will be shown in the "last win" box. The pay- outs and the winning combinations are also shown.

• You can see the pay -out on the slot machine the same as any other winning combination.

• The "clear bet " button removes the tokens from the machine, when the player does not agree on what he is betting.

• The bet's balance is shown on the credit box.

• On " bet ", the player can see how many tokens have been bet.




• To increase or to decrease the bet amount, click on the buttons: 1, 5, 10 or -1, -5, -10.

• To make a bet, click on what you wish to bet. A white chip will be placed where the bet was set and the amount will be displayed in the box labeled " BET". Notice that the maximum bet amount varies depending on whether they are in-site bets or out-site bets.

• Once the bets have been placed, click on "SPIN". The roulette will spin until the ball falls on a random number between 00 and 36. The chips set on the winning bets will change green.

• The "REPEAT BET " button repeats the bets from the last game.

• The "CLEAR BET" button clears all the bets from the table.

• Last rounds: Shows last the 7 winning numbers.

• Bet: Shows the bet amount per chip.

• Total bet: Shows the total bet amount from the entire table.

• Last Number: Shows the last winning number.

• Last Win: Shows the amount of money from the last winning play.

• Credits: Shows the bets` balance available.


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